No Downside Press is an independent press that publishes print and ebook novels.  NDP’s guiding principle is found in an io9 article “How to Make Your Ridiculous TV Show Work.”  Writing about the early success of the television show, Sleepy Hollow, Rob Bricken states:

People watch ridiculous shows because they’re fun, and the more ridiculous they get, the more fun they are. Whether you’re planning a show — “The Headless Horseman is actually Death!” — or in the middle of it — “The lost colony of Roanoke moved to upstate New York into some kind of weird dimensional pocket and also they have the plague because of Pestilence!” — there’s no downside to going balls out crazy.

The founders and authors of No Downside Press see Bricken’s words as a call to action and invite readers, writers, and dreamers to answer that call with them.

There is no downside to pursuing your dreams.

There is no downside to writing a story you love, no matter how outrageous or far-fetched.

There’s no downside to sharing those dreams and stories with the world.

There is no downside to going balls out crazy.

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